To many happy years together!

Our journey at Pelit, which started in 1957 with the leadership of Kazım Ayan, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. We are happy to be there for you in your most valuable moments, unforgettable memories, your celebrations to share your happiness for 60 years.

Our 60-year old delicacies witnessing your most valuable moments for four generations!

Sometimes, you cannot wait for a special day to celebrate. Something happens to make you smile, and thrill your heart. You cannot wait until one specific day in a month. You want to celebrate it right away. And there are some unchanging delicacies to celebrate those moments. We are waiting for you at Pelit every day for 60 years.

Celebrate Love...

You cannot help but think about it. During the day and night. And all the time from the day to the night... Again, there it is. How about a little surprise for the one who makes your heart race like this? You accompany your loved one, and delicacies of Pelit will accompany you.

Quality Never Changes...

Welcome to Pelit Web store
It brings us joy to be your company for
the most special moment of your life
for 60 years.

Chat With Your Guests.

Chat with your guests.
being a part of your chats brings us joy...


We are happy to be with you while you're celebrating with your family and friends.

Little surprises to beloved

Excitement of first love is different...
being a part of it honors us

Mothers, Fathers day celebration

Sharing your excitement at your first steps of marriage is priceless for us...

Asking for her hand

Sharing your excitement at your first steps of marriage is priceless for us


We were also happy when we heard your heart's beat while the ribbon was cut


We are happy to be with you while you say "i do"

Business Achievement

Big agreements are not necessary even the smallest praises are worth celebrating

Welcome Little Baby

The emotion wave at the first time you look in your babiy's eyes cannot be put in words. we're happy to be there for you

Birthdays for Adults

We shared the excitement of your loved ones while crating your birthday cake.

Bairam Visits

To be a part of your bairam visits with your loved ones is priceless for us

Every moment of life is worth celebrating...
We are happy to be there for you